Yamaha Motor Corporation USA Extends USMCA Partnership

Temecula, California (November 17, 2021) — The United States Motorcycle Coaching Association (USMCA) is proud to announce Yamaha Motor Corporation USA has officially agreed to carry their partnership into 2022.

Yamaha has a legacy of innovation, performance, and quality. Their continuation of support with the USMCA ensures more new and existing riders will get connected with certified motorcycle coaches. 

“We’re excited to return as a sponsor partner and supporter of USMCA,” said Derek Brooks, Motorcycle Product Line Manager, Yamaha Motor Corporation USA. “Our sport has been blessed with an influx of new riders and budding enthusiasts during what has otherwise been a trying time.  Access to certified coaching as a means of stoking the fire we all know can easily grow into a full-blown passion is an excellent way to ensure we retain our new Powersports brothers and sisters.”

“Yamaha Motor Corporation USA has been a major leader in the industry for decades,” said USMCA Chairman Jon-Erik Burleson. “We are so thankful they see the vision of the USMCA and have added that to their long list of rider training support and give-back initiatives. They are also a longtime supporter and sponsor of one of our major coaching groups, Champ School. They take rider training and continuing education very seriously, and we are thrilled for their second year of support. The people at Yamaha are taking an important step in protecting and growing the future riders of our sport through quality coaching.” 

About the U.S. Motorcycle Coaching Association (USMCA)

USMCA is an association where riders and parents can connect to motorcycle coaches they can trust through the network, www.MotorcycleCoaching.org

All USMCA Certified Coaches are required to adhere to a code of conduct, pass a background check and hold certifications in abuse prevention, CPR/First Aid, concussion protocol, heat illness & cardiac arrest training.

For more information on the USMCA or become a USMCA Certified Coach, visit www.USMCA.org.