USMCA Certifies 200th Motorcycle Coach

TEMECULA, Calif. (July 24, 2020) — The United States Motorcycle Coaching Association (USMCA) is proud to announce it has reached 200 certified coaches! The 200 coaches have been recognized and certified through the USMCA’s online Certification Portal in the Dirt Bike and Sport Bike disciplines and cover 37 states.

The USMCA’s certification course was created by a team of industry professionals, coaches, motorcycle schools, and educational research teachers. The USMCA Certification is intended to certify existing motorcycle coaches to set a higher standard of coaching and connect riders with the best motorcycle coaches. The course covers a variety of USMCA Certification prerequisites including a national-level background screening, abuse prevention training, CPR/First Aid certification, and basic training in the treatment and detection of concussions, cardiac arrest, and heat illness. The Certification process has evolved since its inception and with our world’s current state of affairs, the process now can be completed 100% online.

While motorcycle coaches continue to enroll in the process each week, our team continues to refine and update the course as new laws are passed into congress to make our athletes and coaches safer. Recently, the Certification system was modified to include Abuse Prevention Training to ensure certified coaches are compliant with the Safe Sport Act.

The USMCA aims to lower the barrier of entry into the sport of motorcycling by helping new riders find a Certified Coach and begin their motorcycle journey in a safe manner. Certified coaches can help grow our sport by providing current and returning riders the coaching they need to elevate their experience and expand their skills, whether the rider is a weekend warrior or at the top of the Professional ranks.

As a rider, there are many benefits to hiring a coach. Interested riders can find a coach nearest them by visiting, typing in their zip code, and selecting the coach of their choice. Our USMCA coaches can help riders develop goals, create a training plan custom to each rider’s needs, whether it be learning to ride, trail/track, riding for fun, or progress toward a Pro-level racing career. Having a coach helps empower riders, allowing them to gain confidence by changing the way they think and feel on a motorcycle. Coaches help riders with proven tools and techniques to overcome fears, challenges, and achieve success. New entrants to the sport can be reassured that our industry-recognized coaches coach in a safe learning environment and hold the knowledge and resources to manage an emergency.