Update from AIMExpo 2018

The USMCA Founders and members of the Leadership Team recently participated in AIMExpo, the motorcycle industry’s largest trade show in North America. This year’s event was held in Las Vegas on October 11th – 14th. The USMCA Team updated the Motorcycle Industry Council Board of Directors, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Board of Trustees and other key industry leaders and supporters of the USMCA initiative on the tremendous progress and plans for the coming year.

“This was a critical event and series of meetings for the USMCA Team as we briefed key leaders of our industry and sport. We don’t often get to see or talk with many of these important supporters, so it was an incredibly efficient way to update those individuals” reported Jon-Erik Burleson, USMCA Chairman. “The timing of this event was especially important as the USMCA gets ready to launch MotorcycleCoaching.org and accelerate our certification of dirt and sport-bike coaches. This was also the beginning of our gradual ‘pivot’ to start to communicate more with external audiences” Burleson continued. “Our coaches and coaching candidates are our primary audience, but as we roll out the initiative, we plan to communicate more with industry leaders, dealers and ultimately, consumers interested in connecting with a coach who can help them get started, or continue to learn and grow, enhancing their enjoyment of our sport. We want to stimulate a life-long passion for motorcycling wherever we can, which will lead to more participation in our sport and growth of the industry we love.”