Frequently Asked Questions – U.S. Motorcycle Coaching Association
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the USMCA created?

To create an infrastructure of certified motorcycle coaches nation-wide that will provide quality coaching for on & off-road motorcyclists from the beginner level up through advanced levels of riding and competition.


Why is this important today?

After years of robust growth, the motorcycle market in the US slowed beginning about 10 years ago and then declined sharply during the Global Financial Crisis. New unit sales of motorcycles are less than half the level they were before the decline, and economic experts are predicting a further decline of 15 – 20% over the next few years.


How can coaching help?

The leadership of the USMCA feel we need to lower the barriers of entry into the sport of motorcycling. We believe coaching can help make new riders feel more welcome into our sport and provide a safe and predictable pathway to enjoy the sport as their riding progresses.


What is the basis of this belief?

We looked at several other sports that face the same demographic & economic challenges that our sport faces, that are experiencing growth and appear better positioned to attract new riders, particularly the millennial and centennial generation of consumers. Those sports include skiing & snowboarding, and cycling (bicycles). When we approached the leaders of those sports, we learned that they believed their robust coaching infrastructures were paramount to their success. We decided to use those sports and their associations, USSA & USA Cycling, as best-practice models to learn from.


Do we believe that coaching alone will help the motorcycling industry begin to grow again?

No, but we believe a robust coaching infrastructure can provide a foundation for renewed industry growth. Once the USMCA coaching infrastructure is in place, we believe that energy and investment can be channeled toward marketing & promotion to bring more new riders into the sport and hopefully, keep them in the sport for many years as their riding & enjoyment of the sport progress.


Who is behind the USMCA and what is their motivation?

The specific bios of the individuals can be seen on the USMCA website. The founders are several individuals who have enjoyed life-long careers in the sport and industry and want to “give back” to the sport. Their main motivation is to see more people enter and enjoy the sport of motorcycling and to see the industry achieve renewed growth. The USMCA is a non-profit association and the founders work is being provided on a volunteer basis.


Who else is behind the USMCA and what type of support does the organization have?

To date, there is a seven-person Board of Directors including the three founding members, two coaching representatives and two additional industry representatives (these bios are also on the USMCA website). In addition, most of the major motorcycle manufacturers from the US, Japan and Europe have offered their encouragement & support for the USMCA. Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance has offered initial funding to launch the USMCA, hold the Inaugural Summit and the SIX regional workshops in order to gain input directly from coaches on the initial standards and training content which will be used to certify USMCA coaches.

Who is invited and who can attend the 2nd annual Summit in Temecula, CA on February 9th, 2018?

Attendance is open to people interested in becoming a USMCA Certified Coach. The Summit attendees will learn how to grow & protect their business as a motorcycle coach, participate in breakout sessions dedicated to off-road, road racing and motocross. Guest speakers will include current and former top Professional athletes such as Trey Canard, Destry Abbott, Russell Bobbitt, Josh Hayes, Jake Zemke and Jason Pridmore. Admission is free but limited to 200 participants, so register now!


Who should attend the regional workshops & what benefits can an attendee expect if they invest the time and money to attend?

Attending a regional workshop will allow experienced on and off-road coaches to provide their input into the standards and content that are used to certify USMCA coaches. Following the workshops, the input will be used to frame the initial coaching standards and training content. Coaches can benefit by ensuring that their voices are heard and that the USMCA utilizes their experience & input to create the best possible coaching association.