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To create an infrastructure of certified motorcycle coaches nation-wide that will provide quality coaching for on & off-road motorcyclists from the beginner level up through advanced levels of riding and competition.

After years of robust growth, the motorcycle market in the US slowed beginning about 10 years ago and then declined sharply during the Global Financial Crisis. New unit sales of motorcycles are less than half the level they were before the decline, and economic experts are predicting a further decline of 15 – 20% over the next few years.

The leadership of the USMCA feel we need to lower the barriers of entry into the sport of motorcycling. We believe coaching can help make new riders feel more welcome into our sport and provide a safe and predictable pathway to enjoy the sport as their riding progresses.

We looked at several other sports that face the same demographic & economic challenges that our sport faces, that are experiencing growth and appear better positioned to attract new riders, particularly the millennial and centennial generation of consumers. Those sports include skiing & snowboarding, and cycling (bicycles). When we approached the leaders of those sports, we learned that they believed their robust coaching infrastructures were paramount to their success. We decided to use those sports and their associations, USSA & USA Cycling, as best-practice models to learn from.

No, but we believe a robust coaching infrastructure can provide a foundation for renewed industry growth. Once the USMCA coaching infrastructure is in place, we believe that energy and investment can be channeled toward marketing & promotion to bring more new riders into the sport and hopefully, keep them in the sport for many years as their riding & enjoyment of the sport progress.

The specific bios of the individuals can be seen on the USMCA website. The founders are several individuals who have enjoyed life-long careers in the sport and industry and want to “give back” to the sport. Their main motivation is to see more people enter and enjoy the sport of motorcycling and to see the industry achieve renewed growth. The USMCA is a non-profit association and the founders work is being provided on a volunteer basis.

To date, there is a seven-person Board of Directors including the three founding members, two coaching representatives and two additional industry representatives (these bios are also on the USMCA website). In addition, most of the major motorcycle manufacturers from the US, Japan and Europe have offered their encouragement & support for the USMCA. Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance has offered initial funding to launch the USMCA, hold the Inaugural Summit and the SIX regional workshops in order to gain input directly from coaches on the initial standards and training content which will be used to certify USMCA coaches.

Attending a regional workshop will allow experienced on- and off- road coaches to provide their input into the standards and content that are used to certify USMCA coaches. Following the workshops, the input will be used to frame the initial coaching standards and training content. Coaches can benefit by ensuring that their voices are heard and that the USMCA utilizes their experience & input to create the best possible coaching association.

All USMCA certified coaches must have a national-level background check completed by SSCI (allow 4-6 days for processing) before advancing through the system. All information is confidential and will not be seen by USMCA Staff. USMCA staff will only receive an email which notifies USMCA when a coach is ‘ALL CLEAR’ with the background check company.  Background checks are used to ensure that our coaches abide by our standards and that a rider/racer or a parent of a rider/racer can trust USMCA ambassadors. “Protecting the welfare of children is a top priority for all youth sports leagues. At SSCI, we believe that keeping children safe on the field begins with a thorough, due diligence background check of all coaches and volunteers” SSCI states on their website, the USMCA follows the same beliefs. All of the USMCA board and staff members must also go through the background screening process. Southeast Security Consultants Inc. supports SAFESPORT Standards and serves over 20 National Governing Bodies including USA Boxing, USA Water Ski, USA Volleyball, USA Field Hockey, USA Archery, USA Judo, USA Rugby, USA BMX, BMX Canada, and USA Soccer Foundation.


For SSCI’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the Background Screening, visit

To read more on SSCI, visit

Before hitting the coursework to become a USMCA Certified Motorcycle Coach, you must complete The Basics in our system which include: Module #1. Background Check (allow 4-6 days for screening process) and Module #3. ConcussionWise, HeatWise & CardiacWise Protocol (approx two-hour online course).

The Basics #2 Module: CPR/First Aid (must be to American Heart Association or Red Cross standards – AHA preferred) will need to be uploaded at the end of coursework. We do this to allow ample time to find a CPR/First Aid class and complete it while completing the USMCA coursework. For Canada residents, we do accept Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSFC) as they are recognized by the American Heart Association and HSFC guidelines meet the AHA standards. For other countries, please contact CPR/First Aid certification needs to be valid and renewed every 2 years.

We use Sport Safety International for ConcussionWise, HeatWise & CardiacWise Protocol. Sport Safety International promotes safe participation in sport and physical activity through education. Each course within the bundle will help a coach be cognizant of situations and how to handle a concussion, heat illness and cardiac arrest or help detect signs of these illnesses. ConcussionWise, HeatWise & CardiacWise certifications need to be valid and renewed every year.

Shortly after USMCA Certification Payment is received, we will send you a Certification Letter via email. Please allow for 6-8 weeks for delivery of diploma with a seal of completion following USMCA Certification Payment.

As of now, we offer USMCA certification for one year, from the date of certification completion to the following calendar year’s date. Currently, we are offering the first 100 coaches a subsidized rate of $99 for their first year of certification (this does not include the cost of background check screening, CPR/First Aid & Concussion/Heat/Cardiac Wise —we believe these are necessary to any motorcycle coach by USMCA’s beliefs).


**Costs Associated With Becoming a USMCA Coach:

Background Check: $18.50 (Domestic) & $75.00 (International)

Sport Safety International Certifications: $15.99

CPR/First Aid: $20.95+

USMCA Accreditation/License: $99.00 per year (Subsidized Rate)

**All prices are subject to change.

The Level 100 USMCA Coach course contains content intended for those coaching beginning riders. You will learn the basic foundations of quality coaching while also gaining the knowledge necessary for future courses. It is necessary to obtain future courses (advanced certifications).

The objective of the course is for you to gain valuable safety skills to use both on and off the track as well as insight into the standards and ethics of quality coaching while obtaining tools to grow your own coaching career. Research has proven that access to great coaches is the single most valuable component to producing a growing group of participants in any sport.

The readings, activities, and quizzes in this course were crafted in close collaboration with some of the best riding coaches in the world, from the amateur level to the professional ranks. What you learn here can immediately be applied to your coaching program and riding sessions. The beliefs and philosophies of the USMCA are also embedded and present in every lesson and activity.

This course includes the following four lessons:

  • Coaching Foundations
  • Rider Preparation
  • Coaching the Riding Basics
  • Introduction to the Track

For United States Motorcycle Coaching Association (USMCA) Coaches, the association is a community that will build upon strength in numbers and will allow coaches to have a sounding board that will listen to their opinions, issues and matters regarding motorcycle coaching and the hurdles we need to cross to grow the sport of motorcycling. The USMCA will provide coaching materials, guidance and be a platform to help coaches grow and protect their business and clients. We strive to raise the standards of motorcycle coaching in order to help protect pronounced motorcycle coaches within the industry. We want to create a network of working professionals who are motorcycle coaches. The founders of the USMCA are well-recognized individuals who have independent voices within the industry but all agree that USMCA Coaches are the way to grow the sport of motorcycles through every vertical of the motorcycle industry. Our vision is a thriving motorcycle industry, where all stakeholders realize the benefits of a resurgence in participation from new and returning riders.  

Further, the USMCA is an organization recognizing independent coaches who are mentors to riders who want to learn to ride and/or improve their abilities on a motorcycle. We are continuing rider education (sometimes after MSF safety course or general rider education class/demonstration) to provide a mentor to those riders who would like to learn one-on-one or in a group and create a relationship with a motorcycle coach who can help them achieve new goals in a safe environment. We have worked with the best industry organizations and leading Coach/Instructors to develop some of our coursework. We focus on growing a coaches insights and capabilities as well as highlighting the basics that will keep a rider safer on their pathway to success while also guiding a coach to build a successful motorcycle business. It is not our goal to educate coaches on what they will coach.

A USMCA Certified Coach is a motorcycle coach that parents and riders can be assured has agreed to uphold the USMCA values and Code of Conduct, passed a national-level background check, are knowledgeable in basic AHA or Red Cross First Aid and CPR, and have taken a step toward the management of concussions and how to detect signs for heat illness and cardiac arrest. A USMCA Level 100 Coach has achieved certification of the USMCA Certified Coach Program, which includes training modules: Coaching Foundations, Rider Preparation, Coaching The Riding Basics and Introduction To The Track.

The USMCA has two main goals to fulfill our mission to grow the sport of motorcycling:

  1. To bring 250,000 new and returning riders into our sport by 2025.  
  2. Have 500 coaches certified by the end of Year 3 (2019).

The leadership of the USMCA feel we need to lower the barriers of entry into the sport of motorcycling. We believe coaching can help make new riders feel more welcome into our sport and provide a safe and predictable pathway to enjoy the sport as their riding progresses.