8/19/2019: Please re-visit this page at the end of the week for more details.

Steps to become USMCA Certified:

STEP 1: Register on the USMCA Certification Portal and enroll in a USMCA Certification course.

STEP 2: Apply for & clear a Background Screening. 

STEP 3: Obtain SSI ConcussionWise, HeatWise & CardiacWise certificates.

STEP 4: Upload or obtain CPR/First Aid Certification.

STEP 5: Complete USMCA Core Content Assignments & Quizzes on the USMCA Certification Platform.

STEP 6: Verify coaching experience & submit requested reference materials.

Following completion of all steps listed above, you will receive a letter of Certification, an offer to obtain K&K Liability Insurance through USMCA’s 2019 policy and an opportunity to build your coaching profile on the USMCA’s forward-facing coaching network platform, MotorcycleCoaching.org.

Enroll to become USMCA Certified:

If you need more information, please contact us at info@usmca.org before enrolling.