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Establish a network of skilled, certified coaches providing coaching, encouragement & support that fosters growth in the sport of motorcycling.

Coaching is carried out by qualified people who work with clients to improve their effectiveness, performance and help them achieve their full potential.


The USMCA is a nonprofit corporation founded to oversee and foster the creation of a robust, nationwide network of motorcycle-riding coaches in the sport’s major disciplines, including on-road and off-road riding. Structured, systematic program curricula will ensure that the training of these coaches is as effective and safe as possible, and will enable them to subsequently share their own knowledge and skills with both new and existing motorcyclists through a highly consistent and repeatable process. As a result, parents and individuals seeking coaching will be confident that they can choose from a wide selection of well-trained, certified coaches.

Photos by Joe Salas/courtesy Ken Hill/Rickdiculous Racing
Photos by Joe Salas/courtesy Ken Hill/Rickdiculous Racing


After robust increases in market expansion fueled by strong Post WW2 GDP growth and the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, the motorcycle industry in the U.S. enjoyed an additional 16 years of consecutive growth in new unit sales from the late 80’s until about 2005 before plateauing and suffering a sharp down-turn during the Global Financial Crisis. New unit sales have been relatively flat over the last 6 years and some in the industry are concerned that unless growth can be restored, as ‘boomers’ exit the market, the industry will begin to decline.


Lowering barriers to entry as the industry strives to attract more of the millennial & centennial generations will be crucial.


Today, the motorcycle industry benefits from the MSF’s highly successful and proven curriculum and network of certified instructors, who provide training in multiple levels of on-road and off-road riding instruction. Beyond this, a disparate range of riding schools and self-proclaimed coaches abound, but there is no clarity regarding many of these individuals’ training or qualifications. By contrast, many other sports benefit from robust processes to train and certify coaches at all levels, including those working with the highest skilled athletes. We will use the U.S. Ski and Snowboarding Industry (USSA) & USA Cycling as a frame of reference for this project.